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Our staples are our German breads made in the traditional way. All our bread loaves are made with Rye in varying proportions to suit everyone’s tastes (and a healthier option). Our Multi seed, Pure Rye and Krusty Country Bread are particular favourites.

We also bake a range of traditional pastries including Franzbroetchen (Cinnamon Delights), Rosinenschnecke (Raisin Whirls) and Sweet Talers. Our German Cakes change with the seasons and are deliciously indulgent.
We make a large selection of hot and cold filled sandwiches through the day and our Flammkuchen (Flatbreads) have made us a destination venue.

Our Coffee has been carefully selected from Sumatra, Ethiopia & El Salvador. Fully Rainforest Certified, the beans are wood roasted and ground fresh for the perfect brew.

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Finest German Bakehouse

155 Tottenham Court Rd,
London W1T 7NQ

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